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              Suntex Garment Co. Ltd., is the direct Apparel Manufacture of HKL Group. Thanks to his R&D team, our company can source and develop textiles as well as craft a vast variety of garments. We focus on Offering Fashion Brands one-stop service in terms of professional staff, quality standards and cost effectiveness.

              We respect EU REACH and GB regulation on all our materials, trims and merchandise. We strictly comply with quality control assurance based on ISO 2859 procedures.

              Hong Kong Sales office

              1F,RMD,Wing Tat Commercial Bldg
              121-125 Wing Lok Street
              Sheung Wan
              Hong Kong

              Tel: +852 2631 4404

              Fax: +852 2631 0904


              永樂街 121-125

              電話: +852 2631 4404

              傳真: +852 2631 0904